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*The Longest Table

  Grand Forks, North Dakota



We are consistent in our words and actions.


We leverage and complement one another. 


We value initiative, planning, and action to solve problems. 

Professional Growth

We take on new challenges to expand our capabilities. 


We redouble our efforts to overcome obstacles. 


We respond to change with open minds, focus, and speed.


featured talent

I’m excited to be leading Meadowlark’s Systems Engineering and Simulations team, where I’ll be developing and refining a suite of digital tools to characterize the performance of our aircraft, and improve the utility of various subsystems and modules. I’m eager to work with this focused and talented organization with decades of experience in precision manufacturing and design. Meadowlark will be uniquely positioned to quickly develop and expand its modular design and manufacturing suites to thrive in this rapidly-evolving industry.

Matthew Granstrom

Systems Engineering and Simulations

Our employee development program provides opportunities to enhance skills and knowledge that are important to foster innovation, enhance technical skills, and ensure regulatory compliance. Our commitment to continuous training ensures employees stay updated with rapid technological advancements, improving efficiency and safety. We invest in employee development as a company to boost productivity, retain talent, and maintain a competitive edge. This approach creates a robust framework that supports sustainable growth and positions us as leaders in the dynamic UAS sector.  We are passionate about professional development as it is critical in shaping our employees to learn, grow, and thrive while serving our customers with momentum and making a difference in our communities.  

Janelle Wald

Director Employee Development





Meadowlark Aircraft Company offers an opportunity for accredited investors to participate in the emerging midsize UAS manufacturing market through a private placement of the Company’s securities.  Interested parties are invited to contact our Investor Relations department to schedule a detailed discussion regarding the investments offered and the associated risks.

Vice President

meadowlark home photo.png

Stay in Touch

Being active on social media allows us to engage directly with our potential customers, building stronger relationships and enhancing brand loyalty. It also boosts brand visibility and reach, enabling us to connect with a broader audience and drive business growth.


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