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As the premiere purveyor of bespoke mid-sized UAS, Meadowlark will optimize the aircraft specifications to individual client mission profile needs.  Furthermore, and as described on the Business Units page on this site, we are interested in partnering with companies with partial solutions and complement them in any of the principal phases of production from concept to field support. UAS is often grouped by the aircraft maximum weight and flight ceiling. As the adjacent chart shows, there is a wide gap between Group 2 max weight of 55 lb and Group 3 max weight of 1,320 lb.  A finer scale with ‘sharps’ and ‘flats’ is needed. We believe two emerging use-case categories with large scale market potential, (a) agricultural surveillance and (b) intermediate-distance package delivery, fall in the lighter side of Group 3 range. Our current focus is on what we affectionately label Group 2+ (ag surveillance) and Group 3- (heavy package delivery, intermediate distances). While these group designations are not yet recognized by the industry, they help our clients understand the target design points in relation to the wide spectrum of drone categories.

Meadowlark Service Group Chart


Meadowlark  FH125 Product Family

FH125 Product Family

The featherweight champion of the UAS industry, Meadowlark FH125 family of products is a versatile Vertical Take Off and Land, Fixed wing, Hybrid propulsions system with target TOW of 125 lb. This aircraft design will be available in large volume in 2025 and can also be customized and optimized for individual client mission profiles


Watch this space for other VTOL aircraft families by Meadowlark (FE050, FH300, etc.) to be announced later in 2024 and beyond.

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